Recruiting for 3 FTE Positions based in So. California

Posted: 5th Feb 2016 (2 comments)

If you are in the job market, and you feel that you are an impact player in your area of discipline and can make a difference, and you are interested and want to learn more about any one of these listed opportunities, contact us at

Professional & Top Talent Job Site! (Get Results)

Posted: 22nd Feb 2016 (0 comments)

Are you a professional, college grad, veteran, seeking a new position. You are are looking for edge to spark your job search. Sign-up with OTTS, Corp, today! Our leadership hangs out with the job creators, hiring managers. We at OTTS will help you the professional, college grad, veteran get that edge that will make you stand out above your competition.

Employers/Recruiters (Searching 4 Top Talent)

Posted: 25th Feb 2016 (0 comments)

At OTTS, we help you maximize your business results, by providing the right talent for your organization. Navigating in today's job market can be difficult with so many options available. It can be quite daunting to find the right candidate who shares similar business objectives as you, and someone who will be able to contribute to your company.

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