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Posted on: 2nd Oct 2016
Posted by: ERBO Management Staff
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OTTS's adds another Turnaround Executive

Operations, Transformation & Transition Specialists (OTTS) is thrilled to introduce its newest staff member, turnaround expert Steven Fergel. Bringing extensive analysis experience to the OTTS team, Steven specializes in pinpointing procedural inefficiencies and developing strategies for transforming businesses into streamlined, productive, and profitable companies.

A Lean Six Sigma-certified green belt, Steven has had great success employing Lean Six Sigma statistical techniques toward maximized efficiency in past business analyses. Thoroughly versed in Excel—including pivot tables, macros, and database functions—Steven has spearheaded a variety of different computer system implementations for operational and financial evaluations. The more than 15 years of experience in supply chain and operations he brings to the table (from planning, line-balancing analysis/allocation and 5S, to scheduling, contract management, purchasing, and inventory control) gives Steven the clarity necessary to detect operational inefficiencies, over-expenditures, and inventory discrepancies, and to develop a remedy toward optimum productivity, operational economy, sales growth, and increased profits.

Steven’s time spent as an adjunct professor at the University of Mary, teaching both graduate and undergraduate level courses in Operations Management and International Business, exemplifies his ease and proficiency as a leader and mentor. A firm believer that it is always possible to work smarter, Steven strives to build and collaborate with strong teams toward a mutual goal of efficiency and profitability.

Notable Accomplishments:

• Following a detailed statistical analysis of workload and labor allocations, exceeded Board objectives in a plant-operations turnaround, including an overall price reduction of 13%, a 35% decrease in on-hand inventory, a 43% reduction in Hour-Per-Standard-Hour, and an increase of 34% in units and sales.

• Successfully implemented a plan to rehab a $3.0M manufacturer for potential sale through product analysis and rationalization, terminating unprofitable distribution agreements, and re-negotiating supplier contracts, all without impacting necessary levels of headcount, with the result of reducing costs by over 40% and introducing three new products during that same time period.

• Increased revenue by more than 400% over the average of the previous five years as a member of an executive team.

“I operate according to one simple principle: work smarter.” – Steven Fergel

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