Retain Search- Use the best "ERBO"

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The Best Kept Secret EBRO (Employee Relations by OTTS) always finds your company or search firm the absolute best candidate for the job. We place only the top professionals in high-end jobs. Well, the secret is out…ERBO proudly announces the lowest retained search fee available on the market!

Contingency Search- Use the best ER by OTTS

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Hoping for a decent hire with other online search firms can be a lose-lose situation, while they continue draining your money and your time. ERbyOTTS vets prospective hires, doing whatever is necessary to ensure your hire is the best hire at the best price. There’s no waste of your time or resources, and all at a substantial savings. On the cutting-edge of the latest hiring trends and the pulse of who’s the best talent out there, it’s a win-win situation!

No Contest! AT All! Employee Relations By OTTS!

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If your company or client is in need of filling key positions, please don’t hesitate to contact me for a friendly professional discount. ERBO continues to expand daily as my team accumulates talented professional candidates seeking to post resumes on our site and adds quality companies like yours hoping to post job listings. It would be my pleasure to further discuss how ERBO can help you find the right talent at the best possible price. I look forward to hearing from you.

Hiring Managers! Do you need a strong Supply Chain Manager.

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This Supply Chain Professional, is able to optimize his team’s productivity, develop their skill sets and leverages diversity in order to maximize current and future value creation for the enterprise. Jeff’s routinely exceeded their goals and objectives which has resulted in improved process efficiency, benefit realization and employee satisfaction.


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ERBO (Employee Relations by OTTS) knows that Senior Level executives are often faced with critical decision making. Overseeing a company in any industry requires top-level employees who are not only outstanding, but who add value to your business. That’s where ERBO comes in…With over two decades and a 95+% success rate placing top-candidates in leading industries, ERBO meets any level of job opening in any field. With winning dedication and substantial savings to you, ERBO is different than other recruitment services. And that’s a very good thing for your company. DRIVING OUR TRACK RECORD OF SUCCESS

ERBO is ready to compete! No Contest!

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We at ERBO are sure you (Hiring Managers, HR Managers, and Recruiters) will agree that it’s time to get recruitment fees and quality candidates back into perspective. ERBO's Leadership knows you’re well-aware of what the other top sites are asking: Outrageous fees for hit-or-miss candidates. ERBO’s mission brings first-rate talent at a rate others can’t come close to. It’s called “competition,” its something we at ERBO, believe the big recruitment firms have forgotten about. Check out just some the savings ERBO offers when you list your job with us at ERBO:

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