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Posted: 24th Feb 2017 (2 comments)

Searching for a job, the perfect job, can be expensive and time consuming. Frustration dealing with online job boards…resumes not viewed and too many questions unanswered, make getting the perfect job seem impossible. That is, until ERBO Employment Services take charge. College graduate, MBA or senior level, our team is behind you all the way!


Posted: 23rd Feb 2017 (0 comments)

You just paid a bundle for your resume and over-the-top monthly posting fees with the promise of great results. It’s time to ask “where is my online recruiter now, and where are my results? ERBO knows the answer… they’re hiding behind a website counting clicks and your money. Constantly badgering you with costly “upgrades” for your job search, the only time they dig deep is in your pockets. Have you noticed a real difference with that pricey upgrade that promised results? And how about those sneaky fees that seem to come out of nowhere? With ERBO, it begins with honest and fair pricing and ends with you in a great job. ERBO works for you on every level making sure your job search is a success.

ERBO's Professional Resume Service (New)

Posted: 26th Feb 2017 (0 comments)

It’s tough enough having to create or revise a resume without feeling like you need a job just to pay for it. ERBO believes that among other costs to job seeking, resume pricing is seriously out of control. We know search firms like Execunet, Ladders, Climber, and the others are taking advantage of job seekers who are already in a tough position. ERBO puts an end to outrageous resume costs and gets you on the road to being prepared for that new job.

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