Job Seeking Professionals! Check us out! ERBO!

Posted: 11th Mar 2017 (0 comments)

Job openings are happening right now! The ERBO staff gets 15-25 calls a day from recruiters looking to fill spots immediately. These recruiters are coming to ERBO for professionals from our database to fill their urgent requests. These are typically RUSH REQUESTS for our staff to fill, and don’t always get posted on ERBO's job board. You can be sure that if you have the skills a recruiter is looking for, the ERBO team will quickly contact you to see if you're interested in applying!

Synergies of OTTS & ERBO will make your Ops more efficient!

Posted: 21st Mar 2017 (0 comments)

Decision makers choose OTTS (Operations, Transition & Transform Specialists) for one of the most important decisions they may ever make for their company. They know OTTS has a 20+ year reputation providing quality, cost-effectiveness while at the same, increases in customer channels for American businesses. OTTS on average has achieved giving their clients a 44-1 ROI on projects completed. OTTS can state with confidence when taking on any new project, for companies choosing them to get their business where it needs to be…cutting costs and maximizing profits! The client can expect to see an ROI of at least 10-1. Guaranteed!

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