Posted: 1st Oct 2018 (6 comments)

Let ERBO take on your talent recruitment and human resource tasks. You’ll quickly discover how effectively, efficiently, and affordably ERBO secures HR solutions for your company. It would be my pleasure to further discuss the myriad of ways Employee Recruitment by OTTS can fulfill your company’s candidate recruitment and HR needs, helping you connect with the right talent at the best price possible. I look forward to hearing from you.

The ERBO Story

Posted: 16th Oct 2018 (3 comments)

I started up ERBO a year ago, as a sister company to my Operations, Transformation Transition Specialists, Company (Known simply as OTTS, Inc.) @ottscorp. Due to, so many companies and or recruiters call my 2 partners and me up on a daily basis, asking us to secure them a professional to fill a key role in their organization, be it an Executive Role or in Supply Chain, Operations, Finance, Quality, Distribution, Engineering, Sales, Marketing, Project Management, and IT

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