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Posted on: 2nd Feb 2019
Posted by: ERBO Management Staff
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Attention: Decision Makers, Hiring Managers at Large and Small companies


(Specifically those that use recruiters), if you  don’t use recruiters maybe you should?  How is your cashflow, service fill rates doing? Sorry, we digressed!


We at ERBO have been  getting a lot of calls  from recruiters and agencies, asking us to help them find the right professional, be it an Executive Position, or in  Accounting, Finance, Engineering, Information Systems, Functional ERP Power users, to Supply Chain, Logistics, Distribution, Food Scientists, Pharma Specialists, to yes even Models for marketing campaigns.


To save time and money, and to  ensure you get great quality, your organization should go straight to us at @erboinc; we will find you the right professional for your open position, guaranteed! Besides that our recruiting team is super friendly and very attentive to your needs.  No firm, we mean it,  no firm will beat our #quality or our  #value.  We have the best recruiters on the globe, using our @ottscorp and @erboinc networks. Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, Hiring Managers, Executives, it's our network that makes us successful. Our network expands into multiple sectors, from Auto, Pharma, Hi-tech, Banking and Finance, to E-Commerce, Consumer Packaging, Industrial,  Food & Beverage, Aerospace, Energy, Transportation, 3PL providers,  International business, to the Entertainment industry. We are everywhere. We at ERBO know Talent!


So if you, Mr. or Ms. Decision Maker,  Head of #HR,  #CIO or #ChiefofOperations are using companies, like #Glassdoor, #Climber, #SpencerStuart, #RoberthalfExecutive, #kornferry, #N2Growth, #thejudgegroup, #DHRInternational or recruiters at #execunet or #theladders.  Save time, money and improve your output and go directly to us at #ERBOINC. Again, no firm will beat our quality or our value.


If your organization is looking for a Hero, we at ERBO are experts at finding  #superstars, #rainmakers #Brandbuilders, #cashflow Rockers!  Ouch! Yes we are!

@Nike @CaterpillarInc @gilead @thermofisher @MotorolaUS @GMC @Ford @PepsiCo @CocaCola @ConagraBrands @amazon @Boeing @DIRECTV @ATT @verizon @TMobile @Herbalife @sleepnumber @Target @Sears @jcpenney @FruitOfTheLoom @Cisco @victoriasecret


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By J.M. on 12th May 2019

We are getting great results from our marketing campaign. Companies are starting to take notice; that ERBO is the search firm that makes the difference. No firm beats our quality or our value or has the professionals in the network like we at ERBO have.

By 3PL Logistics Services & Companies Defined on 25th Jul 2020

Fantastic resource!

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