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Posted on: 6th Mar 2020
Posted by: ERBO Management Staff
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kyra BD

Message from ERBO 

Hello, from Kyra Symone, from the OTTS, Inc. Business Development Management Team.

Today's message goes out to companies who are struggling to find and secure top talent.  Our OTTS division has been getting calls from several recruiters and staffing agencies, looking for Professionals in Project Management, Supply Chain, IT Development, Executive Management, Engineering, Nursing, Social Networking, E-commerce, and Finance Executives.  


Of course, we at ERBO and OTTS will always recommend, to save time and a lot of money, call us directly!  One of the senior recruiters would be glad to support you and secure you the professional you need to fill a key position in your company's organization.


Take note. Rest assured! The ERBO recruiters won't call on a professional who has minimal experience, or no experience at all for a senior or an executive position. (NEVER)


Another shocker! What we see a lot lately are recruiters and talent search companies who call on senior managers to even C-level executives, ask them to be open to and apply to an entry-level position. LOL!


Finally, another thing we see out in the recruiting market! Companies that use recruiters to search and secure, contractors, consultants, transition specialists for a critical project.


Some advice from ERBO! PLEASE! Make sure your recruiting or staffing agencies know the geography of the United States, along with having some type of knowledge in  Economics, Cost of Living, and per diem rates, In addition to,  how to rate the experience of the professional versus what the client is looking for to fill an assignment.


We are seeing a lot of recruiters call on consultants, offering below minimum rates, and expecting the Consultant or contractor to move to cities that have some of the highest cost of living standards in the USA! Wow!   For example, one of OTTS's supply chain consultants who resides in St. Louis, Mo. received a call the other day from a recruiting agency, asking them to send their resume in for a job in San Jose, Ca. The rate of the assignment, the recruiter, was offering $85 per hour on a W2 or $95 C2C, with no expenses. San Jose, CA., is one of the highest costs of living areas in the United States. Why this staffing agency called this professional to take a project, a Monday to Friday gig in San Jose with no expenses. Crazy!   It's embarrassing and shows us at OTTS and ERBO the lack of talent at a lot of these so-called staffing agencies have who are trying to recruit top consultants.  


Again, we suggest to you and your company,  save time, money, and let the ERBO recruiters help your organization secure you the best professional. No company will beat us on Quality, Delivery, or Cost.


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Contact us at  or call us at 1-888-410-6887.



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