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Posted on: 28th Apr 2020
Posted by: ERBO Management Staff
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Hey, it's me #issieLewis, quarantining again by the pool today, just waiting for this #Covid19 to get under control, to where it's safe yet to go back to work! 


When it comes to ERBO and Recruiting! Pay attention!

ERBO is a small company compared to a lot the recruiting firms that do Executive Search and Recruiting. Still, We here at ERBO are well equipped and have the capacity to ensure our clients are successful in building their organization with superior talent.  OTTS Leadership would put our Vice President of Employee Recruitment and Quality Mary Ruth and her team up against any Executive Search or any HR Recruiting company.  We love Competition!

What makes ERBO stand out above its Competition: 

ERBO’s Quality

  1. Safety always comes first
  2. Clear communication with potential new hires on the exact role they are being recruited for
  3. Detailed background checks
  4. Reference Checks on the professional’s experience

ERBO’s Understanding of Today’s Business Culture and of 

  1. The cost of living across the United States
  2. S.  Geography
  3. Job roles and objectives
  4. Documentation
  5. Interview Process

ERBO’s Delivery

  1. Hiring manager gets a summary screening on all potential new hires
  2. We will work with the client, and hiring manager  to set up a New Hire Check List 
  3. We will ensure if the ERBO’s professional is hired, we will work with the client to ensure all New Hire Actions in their opening day packets are completed before the candidate starts.

 ERBO’s Pricing

  1. On Retain Executive Search (Confidential), ERBO’s standard fee is 25% of the first year’s annual salary of the ERBO candidate selected.  We would require 1/3 of the fee paid upfront at the start of the search, then a 1/3rd upon when the ERBO candidate accepts the offer, and final payment to be paid upon the ERBO candidates’ start date.
  2. On contingent searches, ERBO’s standard fee is 20% of the ERBO candidate hired 1st-year annual salary. 
  3. On hiring contractors and or consultants, ERBO’s standard fee is 20% of the agreed-upon hourly rate given to the contractor/consultant. We can also handle W2’s type of contractors. (Should be noted, ERBO has been known to reduce their fee in order to get a higher quality candidate.”

ERBO also has a job posting board. Where we at ERBO market all our jobs on multiple social platforms, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and we’re looking now to market our positions on Tictok using our top social media influencers,  Issie Lewis. (Model in the picture) Our job pricing is second to none….

1 job listing for a month would be $175

2-3 jobs listing completed at one time during the month would be $115 per listing

4-6 jobs listing completed at one time during the month would be $100 per listing

7-9 jobs listing completed at one time during the month would be $90 per listing

10 or more job listings completed at one time during the month would be $75 per listing

If your operations are interested in learning more on the ERBO's Recruiting services offered, we would be glad to set up a call with your, Human Resources group with our VP of Employee Recruitment & Quality Mary Ruth, sometime soon, email us at 


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