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Posted on: 11th May 2020
Posted by: ERBO Management Staff
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desk of Briana Marie

 #network, #businessowners #Big6 #implementation #teams #humanresources #talent #business #investment #Quality

#executivesearch #recruit #recruiters #competition #redrockers #employeerelations #cost #quality #ROI #savings 


                       Listen Up!  Message from  Briana Marie, (OTTS, Social Media Marketing Manager)


This is a message for the hiring teams who are authorized and select vendors to recruit for your operations.  I am here (Briana Marie) to advise, the ERBO, a division of OTTS, Inc., has a world-class recruiting team that is very skilled at securing the best talent to fill open full-time or contract positions.

Several of the 1099's and full-time consultants who work for OTTS, Inc., are informing us that they are getting several calls from multiple 3rd party recruiters. Who are looking for supply chain, IT contractors (@sap, @oracle, WMS), finance, distribution managers, Project and Program Managers), just to name a few.  

These outsource recruiters, who are hiring for their end clients, and sometimes hiring for an implementation team who are working on a project at the end client's site. These recruiters are usually weak in oral communications. They don't have a strong understanding of the cost of living or have a good understanding of the geography of the United States.  Also, it appears that these recruiters don't know how to read a resume of the professional that they are recruiting to determine the skill level of the professional that they are calling on for the position  

Again! The ERBO Recruiting Team, is very skilled, has a great understanding of U.S. geography, and the cost of living across the nation. Should be noted, the OTTS/ERBO network is vast, and we have no challenges in recruiting for Office Staff, Skilled Supply Chain Operators, Project and Program Managers, Finance, to Technology professionals, Operational Managers, to securing great C-level leaders.  I can state that the ERBO team is the best in determining the level of the professional who they're recruiting for our clients to ensure our recruited professional is an excellent fit for our client.


When it comes to pricing, terms, and quality, no recruiting or search firm can compete.    (We love competition!) 


In closing, is there a person within your organization that I can have our VP of Talent Recruitment and Quality, Mary Ruth, reach out to?  Please advise? 




Briana Marie

Social Media Marketing Manager

OTTS, Inc. 


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