ERBO is now free for all Professionals & Jobseekers

Posted: 22nd Feb 2021 (0 comments)

Hello Professionals and Job Seekers, as of last week, the EBRO employee and jobseeker registry is now free. 

The coupon to use Getnoticed to ensure your membership is free as stated in the SOW below on a Professional and Jobseeker should complete their profile.  By the 4th Quarter of 2021, the OTTS/ERBO team will create a VIP for Professionals who want a little more service, such as, having their resume or CV's brought up to first when employers and or recruiters are accessing our professional/jobseeker database, or they want to be first to see when a new job listing gets posted. We are looking at making a connection network, so members can text each other and post subject matter that pertains to business, employment, and communities.   

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