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Posted on: 22nd Feb 2021
Posted by: ERBO Management Staff
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Hello Professionals and Job Seekers, as of last week, the EBRO employee and jobseeker registry is now free. 

The coupon to use Getnoticed to ensure your membership is free as stated in the SOW below on a Professional and Jobseeker should complete their profile.  By the 4th Quarter of 2021, the OTTS/ERBO team will create a VIP for Professionals who want a little more service, such as, having their resume or CV's brought up to first when employers and or recruiters are accessing our professional/jobseeker database, or they want to be first to see when a new job listing gets posted. We are looking at making a connection network, so members can text each other and post subject matter that pertains to business, employment, and communities.   


Right now, the ERBO team is getting daily requests for:

Supply Chain Professionals
Project and Program Management
Distribution Managers
Technology, Web developers, SAP, Oracle, AX, JD Edwards, WMS, and TMS Functional, Cloud Software Users
Medical, Pharma, Biotech (Analysts, to Sr. Managers)
Material Handlers, Inventory Control, Warehouse and Office Staff, Store Managers
Marketing and Sale Professionals, Digital

Get Registered, now on ERBO professional/jobseeker  Sign up for Free

How to best complete your Profile on the ERBO Professional/Job Seeker Site! In order to Get Noticed!
Screen # of Steps  Task Required
first  1 First Name  Mandatory
first  2 Last Name  Mandatory
first  3 Phone # Mandatory
first  4 Skillset 1    (Years of experience)  Mandatory
first  5 Skillset 2    (Years of experience)  Mandatory
first  6 Skillset 3    (Years of experience)  Mandatory
first  7 Skillset 4    (Years of experience) Mandatory
first  8 Skillset 5    (Years of experience) Mandatory
first 9 Upload of Photo Highly Recommended
first  10 Check if want to show you’re your Twitter not required
first  11 Check if you want to show your Instagram URL- not required
first  12 Check if you want to show your Snapchat URL – not required
first  13 Check if you want to show your Facebook URL – not required
first  14 List words, your skills, attributes, this will help recruiters, HR teams find you. Mandatory
first  15 How did you hear about this site Recommended
first  16 The email address you want employers and recruiters to use to get in touch with you Mandatory
first  17 Payment method (Choose monthly) you want to be charged  Mandatory
first  18 The password of your choosing  Mandatory
first  19 Confirm Password  Mandatory
2nd page 20 Click on "You must purchase add for the resume service" Mandatory
2nd page 21 Type in your first name Mandatory
3rd page 22 Type in your last name Mandatory
4th page 23 Type in your address (no one will see this) Mandatory
5th page 24 Type in your City Mandatory
6th page 25 Type  in your City Zipcode Mandatory
7th page 26 Type in your State Mandatory
8th page 27 Type in your Country Mandatory
9th page 28 Type in your Phone Number Mandatory
10th page 29 Type in your account email Mandatory
11th page 30 Coupon   Enter Getnoticed   (You need this coupon to not get charged) Mandatory
Next, go to the Experience Tap on the top of the page and click on it    Go to the banner up on top labeled Experience, click on it, and fill out your work history. Each company should get its own description. Be very detailed. the more detail the more recruiters and employers will notice. Once you get done loading all your job experiences, go back to Experience the main page, and click on display sequence, so you can put your jobs you work in order with the most current job on top, the first you did, should be last. Mandatory
Next, go to the top, click on Summary   Now make sure your summary is completed and filled out, this was what employers and recruiters see first, so you need to make sure it looks good, and if you can upload your company icons where you worked beside the job you worked at that enlightens your profile. Mandatory



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