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Isn't it time you joined the ERBO RECRUITMENT REVOLUTION?

Synergies of OTTS & ERBO will make your Ops more efficient!

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Decision makers choose OTTS (Operations, Transition & Transform Specialists) for one of the most important decisions they may ever make for their company. They know OTTS has a 20+ year reputation providing quality, cost-effectiveness while at the same, increases in customer channels for American businesses. OTTS on average has achieved giving their clients a 44-1 ROI on projects completed. OTTS can state with confidence when taking on any new project, for companies choosing them to get their business where it needs to be…cutting costs and maximizing profits! The client can expect to see an ROI of at least 10-1. Guaranteed!


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You just paid a bundle for your resume and over-the-top monthly posting fees with the promise of great results. It’s time to ask “where is my online recruiter now, and where are my results? ERBO knows the answer… they’re hiding behind a website counting clicks and your money. Constantly badgering you with costly “upgrades” for your job search, the only time they dig deep is in your pockets. Have you noticed a real difference with that pricey upgrade that promised results? And how about those sneaky fees that seem to come out of nowhere? With ERBO, it begins with honest and fair pricing and ends with you in a great job. ERBO works for you on every level making sure your job search is a success.


Posted: 5th Jan 2017 (0 comments)

ERBO (Employee Relations by OTTS) knows that Senior Level executives are often faced with critical decision making. Overseeing a company in any industry requires top-level employees who are not only outstanding, but who add value to your business. That’s where ERBO comes in…With over two decades and a 95+% success rate placing top-candidates in leading industries, ERBO meets any level of job opening in any field. With winning dedication and substantial savings to you, ERBO is different than other recruitment services. And that’s a very good thing for your company.

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