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With Employee Recruitment By OTTS (ERBO), It’s Personal

Welcome to the executive search firm offering personal attention for your retained or contingent candidate search. ERBO believes that finding the perfect candidate for your company goes beyond the position requirements. Every company is unique, and our executive search teams understand and implement that knowledge in their search. Our goal is quickly finding an outstanding candidate who represents the best fit for the position and for your company goals.

Going Beyond the Expected

In addition, finding the perfect candidate is bolstered by the ability of ERBO to thoroughly understand your industry. Our executive search teams have decades of experience with countless types of professions. This knowledge is critical to finding and vetting a candidate with the absolute best background for the job, the industry and your company. ERBO is dedicated to the complete recruitment process, from the initial search to the well-rounded executive hired as an asset to your success.

Search Confidentiality Guaranteed

ERBO appreciates that not all talent searches are meant to be public. Some positions require confidentiality more than others, for many reasons. ERBO absolutely respects your company’s need for discretion throughout your talent-hiring process. Our Talent Assessment Team assures your company’s private Retained and Contingent searches stay confidential

Executive Search Services: Retained, Engaged and Contingent

Saving your company substantial capital while providing the best talent for your company is what we do. OTTS (Business Operations, Transitions and Transformations company) has decades of successful business solutions and a history of achieving an increase in commerce and revenue for its clients. ERBO brings these same goals, solutions, and experience to your executive recruitment needs. It’s a highly successful personal approach that other online recruitment firms simply don’t provide. With this knowledge at the core of your executive search, ERBO brings that same level of success to your retained and contingent recruiting.

For a company’s complex and time-sensitive hiring needs, ERBO offers Exclusive Retained,(C-levels), and Contingent Executive Search services. We know there’s more to great hires than meets the eye. We look beyond the surface, doing the research necessary to gain insight into a company’s financial and cultural big picture. Your company goals and expectations are an important factor determining the best candidate to achieve those goals.

The Best Candidates at the Best Price

Retained (Executive) Search (Confidential)

Most firms charge between 30 to 40% of the candidate’s first year's annual salary. ERBO fee is only 25% of the first year's annual salary of the candidate selected, incredible savings for your company. We require 1/3rd of the fee be paid at the start of the search, 1/3rd payment paid upon candidate acceptance, with the remaining 1/3rd and final payment to be paid upon the candidate’s start with your company. Terms are negotiable based on exclusivity, confidentiality, and difficulty of the search!

Engaged Search

ERBO’s competitors are averaging between 25% and 35% of the candidate’s first year's annual salary. ERBO fee is again only 20% of the first year's annual salary for an engaged, exclusive search. Incredible savings for your company! We require a percentage of the fee be paid upfront, with the remaining to be paid upon the start of the ERBO's candidate with your company. Terms are negotiable!

Contingent Search

Other contingent firms charge a fee of between 22% to 35% of a candidate's first-year base salary. ERBO requires a low fee of only 20% for your contingent search, saving your company resources from the very beginning. We offer packages to cover multiple, similar positions. We can do anything from staffing for C-levels, to Senior Management (SVP, VP, Director, GM) to any staff position in the company's value chain. ERBO will come through! Terms are Negotiable!


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