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In today’s competitive job market, the process of securing an interview is a challenge in and of itself. Whether fresh out of college, rejoining the workforce or trying to climb the corporate ladder, savvy interviewing skills give you the winning edge. Yes, it can be a nerve-wracking experience; however, with the right techniques and preparation, it doesn’t have to be. Once you’ve gotten in the door, it’s imperative that you are equipped with solid job interviewing skills to ensure an offer will be forthcoming. After all, the hiring decision should ultimately be yours—not theirs.

Employee Recruitment By OTTS, (ERBO) is the regional leader in training candidates for cutting-edge job interviewing skills. You will receive invaluable advice from our Executive Interview Team, headed by the company’s president/seasoned hiring professional Mark Shaw. Topics include resume/cover letter writing and candidate preparation. From getting your foot in the door to learning how to enter the room and knowing what to bring to the table, OTTS prides itself in fully preparing interview candidates for what to expect—at a price that’s much less than you would think.

The Consultation

It all starts with a consultation from an ERBO Executive Interview Team member. The Team’s collective background includes business operations with multiple opportunities working under chief operating officers, vice presidents, quality leaders, and managers of distribution, inventory, and human resource departments. Under the strict guidance of Mark Shaw, your personal Team member will offer in-depth expertise in your given field.

Your consultation will consist of one or more of the following services:

 Resume Services: You will receive help with your resume that goes beyond writing/rewriting but focuses on what components to include.

 The Interview: To fully prepare you for the interview, you will be informed of the types of questions the interviewer might ask along with guidance on possible answers.

 Presentation: You will be given advice on how to present yourself during the interview and how to conduct initial research on the company.

 Q&A: Your Team member will address any questions you might have during the consultation session.

Once you’ve completed the ERBO interview consultation session, you will be proficient in how to conduct yourself politely and with professionalism so as to leave a lasting impression. Most employers not only want to see how confident you are during the interview but how well you know yourself. Your ability to properly answer the questions posed will demonstrate your positive attitude, your qualifications, and your knowledge about the specific field.

Measurable Results

At ERBO, our job interview consultation services have been met with great success. Clients preparing for their “dream” jobs have reported excellent results after taking advantage of Mark Shaw’s exclusive techniques. Under Mark’s guidance, the Executive Interview Team will share personal hiring experiences and provide tips that will apply to any interview regardless of the type of position and company to which you are applying. Our Team often consults with clients who are preparing for second or third interviews, as these are significant when it comes to narrowing down the candidates. ERBO’s services are frequently utilized for first interviews to assist candidates to improve their chances of making the cut. When it comes to expert advice, ERBO is the preferred alternative to job counselors and recruiters.

Consultation Packages

ERBO offers position-level specific consultation packages. Prices shown are per session:

 Staff: $150.00

 Director/Management: $250.00

 Vice President to C-Level: $350.00

Consultations typically run one hour; any overages are free of charge.

Resume Consultation Services

Since the hiring process has gone almost entirely online, your resume will need to be updated so that it doesn’t get screened out by the automated website systems most companies utilize. The professionals at OTTS are skilled at reviewing and redoing resumes to ensure you maximize your chances of being called in for an interview.

Pricing: $150 to $350 per resume

Job Coaching/Interview Consultation

To start the process, please e-mail ERBO: and include the following information about your upcoming interview:

 Company name

 Position title

 The position description, if available

 Resume used as submission and/or that which you plan on using

 Number of interviews you have had so far with this company for this position

 Indicate if the next interview is the deciding one

 Names and titles of those who will be present at the interview

 Your best contact number and time(s) to contact you

The consultation usually lasts about one hour; in some cases, it could go longer at no extra charge to you. After the coaching session, you will receive notes from OTTS that will aid you in preparing for the interview.

Contact US AT ERBO

For professional guidance that will give you the confidence and skills needed before that next big interview, contact ERBO.

 Call now and take your first step toward winning that next employment opportunity; alternatively, contact us using our online form and indicate which service(s) you need.

 Book a consultation session and be sure to include a short job description along with the details of the person with whom you will be communicating.

 Within 24 hours, an ERBO Team member or Mark Shaw himself will respond to your query. For direct contact, please call our toll free number:

** Toll-Free (888) 410-6887**


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