The Recruiting Solution for Your Small to Midsize Company

Staying competitive in today’s business world requires talent: you need the best professionals in place to give your company a decisive edge. Finding and retaining top talent can be tricky, time-consuming, and expensive, particularly for small to midsize companies. Introducing Contract HR Services, ERBO’s latest recruitment service and your key to securing top talent in today’s competitive market.

Save Time and Money with ERBO’s Contract HR Services

Filling job positions is an arduous and expensive task. According to recent studies, a company can pay the equivalent of nearly half a year’s employee salary simply filling a vacant position. Additionally, the talent acquisition process requires a significant time investment. The recruitment process leading up to the candidate interview stage involves a number of steps:

• Sourcing prospective candidates

• Culling through numerous resumes, both paper and online

• Screening for top-qualified candidates

For companies with a small HR department (or with no HR capabilities at all), recruitment tasks put a substantial drain on operating bandwidth as they distract from the company’s primary focus—running the business.

Enter ERBO’s Contract HR Services. For a low hourly rate ($135), Contract HR Services will take on the time-consuming initial steps of the recruitment process for your company, presenting you with a selection of qualified, top-talent candidates ready to interview. Let ERBO’s Contract HR Services streamline the recruitment process for you. • Perform contingency and retained searches

• Conduct initial resume and application reviews

• Perform initial screenings

• Make preliminary phone calls

• Assess and select candidates that align with your requirements

• Line up interviews with top talent

At a significant saving (greater than 50%) over the competition for recruitment services, Contract HR Services is the practical solution to your company’s unique recruitment needs.

Leave Human Resource Tasks to ERBO

Beyond its recruitment services, ERBO’s Contract HR Services provides the following human resource services for businesses burdened by HR needs: • Development of HR Processes and Procedures

• Employee Manuals

• Onboarding Programs and Checklists

• Performance Management Forms

• Orientation Systems and Forms

• Employee Evaluation Forms

• Job Descriptions

• Job Postings (will post or write)

• Personal Improvement Plan Forms

• Internship Programs

• Employee Applications

• Interview Guides

Consulting Needs: o Organizational Design o Training and Development Systems and Review o Function Design/Skill Assessments o Departmental Functional Reviews

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Top-Notch Talent for your Team

In a competitive job market, finding and keeping top talent for your company is a very real challenge. Knowing ahead of time if a candidate is a great fit for the job and the company culture is ideal.

Employee Recruitment by OTTS (ERBO) understands your hiring concerns and is ready for the challenge. Our unique talent assessment abilities zero in on your hiring needs for not only the best talent but the best talent for your company’s future. ERBO looks much further than simply filling your current talent needs. We go far beyond what’s expected, also assessing candidates for professional talent, general competency, growth potential, business motive, leadership potential, team-building skills and overall fit for your organization’s culture.

ERBO provides the following analysis for a potential candidate:

• Behavioral Screening to Identify Strengths

• Cognitive Aptitude Testing

• Suitability According to Values and Competencies

• Situational Tests for Judgment Analysis

Expert Analysis Drives Decision Making

Beyond providing the necessary data that drives informed talent-hiring decisions, ERBO supports its data with strong and proven solutions based on experience. Our expert staff provides consultation services according to the results of talent assessment data, catered to the needs and challenges of your specific company. This goal develops an engaged, motivated, productive and successful staff within your organization.

Discovering Hidden Potential in Your Employees

In addition to your current hiring needs, talent assessment is useful for analyzing and understanding your present employees. ERBO provides tools to gauge the success and potential of current employees in existing and future positions. Data from talent assessment demonstrates alignment and reassignment potential, ensuring your company-wide goals for future success are met.

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